Welcome to the Rock, Fossil and Dinosaur Shop! My name is Gina Cowley, and I am the owner and manager at the shop, conveniently located on Rte. 5/10 between Yankee Candle Village and Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory and Gardens. While the Shop has been around for over a decade, I recently bought it with the intention of bringing my thirty years of expertise as an elementary educator, including twenty years at the Smith College Campus School in Northampton, MA, to the shop to make it an interactive, multimodal learning and fun learning experience for children of all ages. Through slicing, riffing,sifting, and exploring the world of rocks, fossils, and dinosaurs, children learn about prehistoric worlds, getting them mentally and physically engaged with a world millions of years old. Like a real prospector, children pan for their own gemstones and explore mine shafts filled with treasures,keeping the treasure they find! They engage in archeology, unearthing fossils in large sandpits and explore outdoor fossils. The dinosaur exhibit brings dinosaurs to life as children learn about when each dinosaur lived, what it ate, anyhow it behaved. After discovering and collecting specimens, I provide the children with an identification guide so that they can become budding geologists, paleontologist, and archeologist. Of course no trip to the shop is complete without checking out the gift shop which is filled with casts from prehistoric times, fossils, and rocks and gemstones from around the world! Please consider the Rock, Fossil, and Dinosaur Shop for your next day trip, summer camp trip, birthday party, fundraising even, or any other occasion for a fun experience.